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ShawneeCraft Heirloom Beers are beers just like your great-great-great-grandfather used to make (assuming he was a master brewer in Flanders, Belgium). These beers were made for generations in the Old World, their flavors shaped by nature, custom, and (often) long periods of aging in oak casks. Being difficult and slow to craft, they are seldom made now, especially in the New World. It’s our mission at ShawneeCraft to bring these wonderful, venerable flavors to life, and to bottle them for your appreciation. ShawneeCraft Heirloom Beers are available at the Gem & Keystone and at selected restaurants and boutiques.

Upcoming Heirloom Beers

Very Special Old Pale (V.S.O.P)

We age this magnificently complex, rich, rare old pale ale in mature apple brandy barrels. The slow intermingling of malt, hops, organic honey, and yeast with residual apple brandy and the microflora unique to each old barrel yields a very subtle hop bitterness and a layered aroma of oak, apple, caramel, and leather.

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